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Green IT

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Information Technology Sustainability
Lean, Clean, and Green

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About Green IT

The Information Technology Services Division at Oak Ridge National Lab is dedicated to Green IT initiatives, electronic stewardship, and sustainable computing practices.   Technology has become an essential part of our every day lives, and by using efficient and practical computing solutions, we can help save energy, cut costs, and shrink our carbon footprint while still performing great science.

Verdiem and Power Management
Verdiem is a software package that provides enterprise-wide power management settings to help reduce energy consumption on computer networks.  Read more...

Printer/Copier Optimization
As part of our Sustainability Roadmap initiatives, multiple divisions are teaming up across the Lab to perform printer assessments.  Read more...
Server Virtualization
ORNL has been using Virtualization platforms for hosting centralized servers since 2009.  Read more...
Shared Computing
ORNL uses a technology called Citrix XenApp that provides multiple simultaneous user connections to a single computing instance. This shared computing model helps decrease the need to maintain individual systems for each user and enables alternative computing device options across ORNL.  Read more...
Thin and Zero Clients
The Information Technology Services Division is piloting highly efficient desktop replacements via shared computing platforms and personalized virtual desktops.  Read more...
EPEAT/Energy Star Rated Hardware
ORNL offers EPEAT-rated and Energy Star-compliant computers and printers as part of our Managed Hardware Program (MHP). Read more...
Current and Future Roadmap Initiatives
As part of the Sustainable Campus Initiative, we are always working to find ways to conserve energy and produce less waste. Check out our current Roadmap initiatives and what we are planning for the future. Read more...