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Sustainability at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

EV Owners Club 

New Electric Vehicle (EV) Owners' Club at ORNL


Over the past six years, ORNL has installed 47 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations on campus to provide workplace charging and to provide charging of government EVs which are being incorporated into ORNL's vehicle fleet. The majority of the EV chargers were installed under the EV Project, and the cost of operating the charging stations was borne by the EV Project, which ended with FY 16.

In order to continue operating the nonfleet EV charging stations beyond Sept. 30, 2016, an EV Owners Club was established which went into effect Oct. 1, 2016. Employees, subcontractors and DOE staff wishing to use the EV chargers after Oct. 1, 2016, have paid $85 or a pro-rated amount to join the EV Owners' Club allowing them to charge their EVs for the duration of FY17.

This program will continue in FY18, with an annual membership fee for the Club of $110. These EV Owners' Club funds support the operation and maintenance of the EV chargers devoted to nonfleet charging.

"EV Only" parking: Since EV owners are paying for the ability to charge on campus, it is even more important that nonelectric vehicles not park in the spaces marked "EV Only." Enforcement of the "EV Only" charging spaces will increase and ticketing will occur if non-electric vehicles park in "EV Only" spaces. Additionally, since the EV Owners Club funds only cover chargers for non-government EVs, it is important that EV drivers not charge in spaces designated as "Government EV Only." See the map for EV charging locations. Contact: Melissa Lapsa (lapsamv@ornl.gov).