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Sustainability at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Sustainable Campus Contacts 


Transformational Technology
Transformational Technologies Melissa Lapsa

Leading Edge Technology
Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Curt Maxey
Energy Storage and Peak Power Management Michael Starke
Smart Grid Isabelle Snyder
Wireless Energy Data Teja Kuruganti
Central Energy Data System Terry Heatherly
External Applications Melissa Lapsa
Clean and Renewable Energy Sources Curt Maxey
Small Modular Reactor Paula Flowers
Green IT Bob Beane and Rachael Jackson
Sustainable Employee Transportation Diane Davidson
Purchase Renewable Energy Credits Melissa Madgett

Known Technology
Sustainable Acquisition Brooks Baldwin
Sustainable Landscaping/Land Use Pat Parr
Sharing Successes Julia Kelley
Sustainable Vehicle Fleet Kathye Settles
High-Performance Sustainable Buildings: New Construction Warren Thomas
High-Performance Sustainable Buildings: Existing Buildings Bryce Hudey

Foundational Methods
Energy Efficiency in Existing Facilities Bryce Hudey
Water Management Dan O'Connor
Recycle and Reuse: Office and Construction Waste Susan Michaud
Employee, Family, and Community Engagement Teresa Nichols
Employee Wellness Joan Lawson
Greenhouse Gas Management Teresa Nichols
Annual Sustainability Reports Teresa Nichols