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Sustainability at Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Many hotels are actively trying to become "greener" and reduce their impact on the environment.  Taking steps to save water, reduce electrical use, minimize waste, and maintain a healthy indoor environment are also good for the hotel's bottom line.

The listing here is an effort to provide information on hotels that are making sustainability improvements. These hotels (3-star and above) have been rated using one of several environmental rating systems. Some hotels have done self-evaluations using a standard checklist. The initial list of hotels covers the cities in which ORNL travelers make the highest number of reservations.

This list is not complete. It is provided solely for information and as a convenience for environmentally conscious travelers. Inclusion on this list is not intended, and should not be construed, as an endorsement by UT-Battelle or DOE of any of these businesses.

If you there is a city or hotel you’d like to see added, e-mail michaudsr@ornl.gov.

Photograph of ORNL Guest House
ORNL's Guest House is the first hotel in Tennessee
to be certified as LEED Gold.