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Sustainability at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

A Very Comfortable Energy-Efficient Home
How You Can Make It Happen

Jeff Christian

ORNL Sustainable Campus Initiative Sustainability at Home Seminar
January 14, 2010

Jeff Christian on porch of zero-energy house

 Information About the Presentation

The speaker is introduced by Herb Debban, ORNL Director of Facilities and Operations.

Jeff Christian is a researcher in ORNL's Building Technology Research and Integration Center. Jeff Christian's 36 years at ORNL span zero energy residential and commercial buildings; advanced appliances; moisture control in buildings, roofs, wall and foundations; cooling, heating and solar power integrated systems; and whole building design and performance. He has written more than 140 technical publications in the area of building energy efficiency. Since 2002, Jeff has focused on zero-energy homes in East Tennessee and, in 2008, participated in a project with DOE and TVA to design and construct three test houses in the Farragut area, one of which has a set of energy retrofits that are targeted at typical Farragut-area homes. He also led the team that designed, constructed and tested the first four Tennessee Valley Authority Green Power Generation Partner houses with the Loudon County Habitat for Humanity. These homes had total daily measured costs of less than $1 for all their energy needs.

Time of presentation is 57 min 30 sec. You can expand the presentation window to fill the screen, if you wish.

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