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Facilities & Operations

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Campus Facilities and Operations

ORNL needs to support both its workforce and world-class science and technology research and development, which creates many challenges to achieving a sustainable campus.

This site will keep you apprised of progress toward campus sustainability, alert you to challenges to achieving a sustainable campus, and explain the bases for some of the tough choices that are made in each of the following areas.

Buildings Buildings
ORNL's building stock is diverse....
Green Transportation Green Transportation
Employees, guests, and visitors clearly travel both to and from the campus...
Wastes Wastes
ORNL science and technology, like its operations, necessarily produce wastes...
Energy and Water Energy and Water
ORNL is working to reduce energy and water consumption...
Outdoors Outdoors
ORNL's goals include using native vegetation and local materials...
Wellness Wellness
ORNL's comprehensive Health & Wellness Program provides health education and wellness services...
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