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Green Transportation 

Green Transportation

Establishing a Sustainable Campus at ORNL includes the creation and implementation of transportation action programs involving smarter employee commute options and conversion of the ORNL vehicle fleet to use clean fuels and contain more electric vehicles. ORNL's transportation action programs showcase our commitment to sustainability.

Employees, guests, and visitors travel both to and from and within the Lab. Goals to reduce energy use from transportation include:

  • providing direct solar charging for Lab and employee electric vehicles and
  • reducing the energy consumed, emissions produced, and reliance on petroleum by ORNL's vehicle fleet.


The ORNL Super Commuter web site coordinates access to resources that promote carpooling, such as guidelines on carpool etiquette, applications for carpool parking permits, and more. (Only for ORNL use.)

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

The ORNL Electric Vehicle Charging Station, the first of its kind in the region, provides solar-assisted charging for up to 25 electric vehicles. ORNL staff can access a live web application to view current data from the station.


ORNL has won the White House Closing the Circle Award for its Green Transportation efforts:

  • 43% of ORNL's fleet uses alternative energy,
  • 91% of fleet purchased in FY 08 used alternative fuel, and
  • 11 new electric vehicles have been purchased.

Share bikes
ORNL Idle Reduction Guide 
Please click HERE to read the ORNL Reduction Guide

Shared Bikes Program

"Bike it green" is part of ORNL's green transportation initiative. ORNL purchased about 100 bikes to be used in its successful bike-sharing program. Staff can ride a shared bike from one end of the Lab to the other, leave it while in a meeting, and return on it or another bike.

There are a few basic requirements. Participants must complete online training, wear a helmet while riding the bikes, and stay off the sidewalks. So far, more than 1,700 lab employees have completed the training.

Smart Travel Options

An Employee Transportation survey was conducted in the fall of 2009 to collect information on the commuting habits of employees in order to gain an understanding of the commute changes they would be willing to make as part of the Sustainable Campus Initiative. The results of the survey have now been analyzed and a report, Smart Travel Options, published.


        - GreenIT - Telework Remotely Possible

A new Alternative Work Location (AWL) Subject Area (a.k.a., Telework) was issued in SBMS on February 3, 2012 which replaces the previous Alternative Workplace Subject Area. The AWL subject area incorporates an option to telecommute, along with guidelines for employees who are hired remotely either permanently or temporarily. Telework is part of the Sustainable Campus Initiative (SCI), and can be beneficial for the employee and ORNL.

Last Updated: October 14, 2010