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R&D Initiatives

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ORNL's Sustainability Research and Development

As a U.S. Department of Energy multi-program science and technology laboratory, ORNL is leading the way in sustainability research and development (R&D) in several key areas. Below you’ll find examples of some of the many exciting areas in these categories in which ORNL is conducting sustainability research.

Clean, abundant energy Clean, Abundant Energy
Ensuring clean, efficient, safe production and use of energy...
Advanced Energy-Efficient Materials Advanced Energy-Efficient Materials
Investigating advanced materials, with studies ranging from fundamental research to the latest applications...
Renewable energy Renewable Energy
Expanding renewable energy options and improving efficiency in every element of energy production and use...
Environmental protection Environmental Protection
Understanding and assessing responses of environmental systems and the consequences of alternative energy and environmental strategies...
Energy-efficient buildings and transportation Energy-Efficient Buildings & Transportation
Supporting DOE's goals of achieving zero energy homes and buildings and developing transportation technology innovations...
Social, economic, and policy issues Social, Economic, and Policy Issues
Addressing the key social, economic, and policy issues related to sustainability...
Research & Development

Sustainability R&D Highlights
Check DOE's sustainability R&D highlights to read about some innovative ORNL research.