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Sustainability at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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About ORNL's Sustainable Campus Initiative

Created in 2008, the Sustainable Campus Initiative embodies ORNL’s efforts to achieve enduring sustainability in its facilities, operations, and organizational culture. It grew from an aggressive campus modernization that started in 2002; intertwines with a multitude of building, landscaping, and energy management efforts; and taps ORNL ‘s world-class science and technology expertise. In light of President Obama’s Executive Order 13514, the Sustainable Campus Initiative has expanded its initial forward-thinking endeavor into a suite of activities that are essential to ORNL’s future.

Energy Use
Implementing aggressive measures to conserve energy, while sustaining mission-critical high-performance computing and high-energy physics facilities. Read more...
Building Efficiency
Continually improving energy efficiency. Multiple LEED-certified new and upgraded existing buildings, including the first LEED-Existing Building certification. Improving building operation and maintenance. Read more...
Transforming ORNL's vehicle fleet with electric, flex-fuel, and alternative-fuel vehicles, plus 150 human-powered bicycles. Promoting greener commuting options. Read more...  
Water Conservation
Reducing process and domestic water use to save millions of gallons of water. Read more... 
Implementing natural landscaping and sustainable design principles. Using native vegetation and local materials. Read more... 
workstation Computers and Information Technology (IT)
Reducing power consumption for high-performance supercomputers as well as desktop computers. Promoting the use of high-efficiency, networked duplex printers. Read more...

Purchasing and Property Sales
Implementing procedures to purchase products that are more sustainable, require sustainable practices in contracts, and reuse assets. Donating unused assets to non-profit organizations or selling them to others. Read more...
Pollution Prevention and Waste Management
Minimizing wastes at their source and through re-use and recycling. Reducing items sent to the landfill. Read more...
Encouraging employees to incorporate sustainability in their work, home, and community lives. Promoting the exchange of information and ideas on everything from composting to choosing an efficient roof. Read more...

 herb debban What is ORNL doing to be sustainable? Herb Debban discusses ORNL's transformation toward sustainability in this video.

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