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EV solar charging plans
There have been architect drawings showing parking areas covered by solar panels and charging for electric vehicles.  Will these become reality, and for people contemplating purchase of a Nissan Leaf as a commuter car to ORNL will such parking be available when these cars become available in December 2010?  Are there any other incentives that ORNL provides to encourage staff to commute in "greener" ways?
ORNL's Teresa Baer (Sustainable Campus Initiative) and Dell Morgan (Director, Facilities Development Division) respond:

Twenty-five solar-assisted electric vehicle charging stations are being constructed as part of the parking lot under constructions north of the new Chemical and Materials Sciences Building. That lot is projected to be completed by by December 31, 2010. There is an additional parking structure at the corner of Fifth Street and Central Avenue that will contain electric vehicle parking stations. This area should be completed in April 2011. Additional charging stations will be made available across the campus. All these stations will be available for charging electric vehicles purchased by employees.
Additional incentives for encouraging employees' "green" commuting are under consideration as part of the ORNL's greenhouse gas reduction planning.


More details, please

What capacity will the on-campus charging stations have? Will they be the 440-v units needed to do a quick charge, or will they be lower capacity?

I expect that we'll be charging the Nissan Leaf overnight at home, and it should have plenty of capacity for the daily commute, but it would be nice to know whether it could be charged up quickly at ORNL in the event that a longer trip becomes necessary during or after the work day.
Smith, Ellen D. at 11/12/2010 11:47 AM